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From: Sydney,Australia Web Site: Yahoo Email:
choyhonduc Friday, 2/27/09, 10:53 PM Hi,I sincerely wish all our William Lin alumni and fellow-teachers enjoy a very happy and lucky Chinese New Year of the Ox,full of prosperity and wealth for the whole year. I send my best regards to Mr. William Luong in USA and to Ms. Julie Wong in Taipei,Taiwan ,because I know both of you are the organnizers of our Club.Thank both for your enthusiasm for the Club. By the way, I also send my best rememberancn to Mr.Tran Puilam,Mrs.Ho sui Hoa Mr. Singh, Mr. Chau tan Min,Mr. Luong man Lang,and so on. This is my maiden trial to appear on the web. Wishing to have more correspence in the days to come,I remain. Thank you all with all my heart Bye for now.Take care and see all of you.

From: Sydney,Australia Web Site: choyhonduc Email:
choyhonduc Friday, 2/27/09, 10:18 PM I expect to send an e-mail to Wlwong

From: Australia Web Site: choyhonduc Email:
John Lam Thursday, 2/26/09, 10:57 AM I graduatedin 1972 class 23. I am looking for students who graduated 1972 to contact me at Thanks

From: Canada Email:
Tuesday, 1/27/09, 11:00 AM ??? Ha Quoc Vi #2979 Tuesday, 1/13/09, 3:43 PM From class of 28th. Pls join our contact list or come back to this site frequently to check the update.

From: Cholon, V.N. Email:
Gabrielle yeung Wednesday, 10/1/08, 10:37 PM 我想湛靠閣下可曬認識一位林靠燕同縒(Lam Bao-Yen)? 她大約在 1963年靠初中一。謝謝。 縒昕吭脮 上

From: (VN ) Now in Canada Email:
Khang Thoai Ngo Saturday, 8/30/08, 12:05 AM Hi, I am looking for 2303, 2311, 2317, 2324, 2326, and 2241.Please send to my email or call me, home 415 2215560, work 415 2065133. My school ID#2349 and my name was wu swee phat.

From: San Francisco Email:
Khang Thoai Ngo Saturday, 8/30/08, 12:03 AM Hi, I am looking for 2303, 2311, 2317, 2324, 2326, and 2241.Please send to my email or call me, home 415 2215560, work 415 2065133. My school ID#2349 and my name was wu swee phat.

From: San Francisco Email:
Wednesday, 5/28/08, 10:14 AM Tai Cam Wednesday, 3/26/08, 8:41 AM It has been a long time in searching. Finally, I found out our school website. The feelings is overwhelming. I was in class 4b back in April 75. It is very nice to know how our teachers are now. This brings back some happiness and sorrow. I would like to get in touch with my classmates and wish that we will have more teachers and students showing up in this website (Mr. Tseng, Mrs. Lui, Mr.Tsang, Mr. Sam, Mr. Hui, our vice pricipal...) Thanks for sharing. Tai.

From: Toronto, Canada Email: william (hoi chween chan) Monday, 3/24/08, 2:42 AM Dear all. I found out this website from one of our schoolmates,this is the best way to contact our long time lost contact schoolmates;I was one the28th.graduate (W/L.-I.D.#3001)in 1973,I would like to get in touch with #3068(SAM HONG CHUONG);if any one knows his whereabout. With best regards. From William chan

From: australia Email:
Tran Van Dao Tuesday, 3/18/08, 5:18 PM MY Chinese name spelled as Chan Manh Tou,graduated year 1968,immigrated to Canada since 1975,been working with Bombardier ,an aircraft and train producer,one of the biggest industries of an inventory controller for 28 years,I'll like to take this opportunity to locate all our old classmates in year sixties. Glad to hear all the news of our great teachers surviving in different cities of the world. cheers for their good health.

From: Montreal,Canada Email: Monday, 3/17/08, 10:35 PM James H. Charleton Monday, 10/29/07, 1:38 PM I taught English and History at William Lin in Cholon in 1971. I was in the U.S. Navy at the time, where I taught in the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces Language School on Phan Thanh Gian and later at Tan Son Nhut. This old teacher would very much appreciate hearing from his students. I was very strict as you will remember. Now I am just a sentimental old fool.

From: United States Email: Bill Young Sunday, 10/28/07, 11:10 PM Dear teachers and schoolmates, After years of searching, I am elated to find the William Lin Middle School Alumni Club. It is great to see photos of Mr. Singh, Ms. Ho, Mr. Sam, Mr. Chan, etc. Although I have lost contacts with most of my classmates at William Lin, I still kept in touch with two former teachers - Mr. William Anderson and Mr. James Charleton. In the 90縮, Mr. Anderson bid farewell to the cold winters of Washington, D. C. and moved to the Kingdom of Smile (Thailand) to open his own school teaching ESL. Mr. Charleton recently retired from the National Park Service (NPS). He was an editor for many NPS publications and represented the U.S. on the World Heritage Committee. In 1976, I had a brief reunion with another WL teacher, Mr. Filiberto Charez in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Charez was working in St. Cloud, Minnesota at the time and happened to be home in El Paso for Christmas. Last but not least, I visited Mr. Leung once at his house in Campbell, California not long after he resettled to the States. Best regards, Bill Young Class of 72, #2637

Northern California

From: San Francisco Bay Area Email:
Wiliam Wong Thursday, 8/23/07, 7:35 PM Hi, I am very please to learn of your site. May be I will be able to find some old school mates from here. Thanks. William

From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Email:
Andy Wednesday, 8/22/07, 6:28 PM HI This is Andy Chan (TRAN SUNG 3728) graduated in 1974 (3oth) I am in Tenple City, CA I am glad to know this web site after 32 years of lost contact. cel 213-216-2470. Take care Bye Andy 3728

From: Chan Email:
Andy Chan Wednesday, 8/22/07, 6:22 PM

From: Temple city, ca Email:
Angela Quan Tran Tuesday, 8/21/07, 5:53 PM Hi, Everybody from William Lin. I graduated in the year 1970. My name was Quan Wai Phuong at that time.I am looking for some of my best classmates, #404 Lam Ching Ping, #410 Chung Buu Cam and #427 Lee Mee Yee, please contact me if you have their informations. I missed the 2007 reunion, hopefully I will join all of you at the next one. Best regards Angie

From: New York USA Email:
Friday, 7/27/07, 2:54 PM Huan Ngo Friday, 7/20/07, 11:36 AM Hi all, To all 30th grad classmates. We are in the process of posting the 30th grad info and album. I am Huan Ngo (3709). This is my first time posting in WL website. I am excited to see so many of our schoolmates are connected this way. I hope I will see as many of you as I can at the reunion party. Best regards Huan

From: Alhambra, California, USA Email:
william luong Wednesday, 6/27/07, 11:22 AM Dear Rosalie, All members of Mr. William Lin family are most welcome to join our LA reunion in August 11 and 12, 2007. Your presence will make our reunion dinner party more exciting and interesting. Sincerely, William Luong

From: California Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Rosalie Lam Tuesday, 6/26/07, 12:37 PM Hi, My name is Rosalie, I am the late William Lin's daughter in law. I am married to Andrew Lam, Mr. William Lin's second son. I am very happy to see photos and records of so many happy events. Rosalie Lam

From: Cholon Web Site: hotmail Email:
Friday, 6/15/07, 8:45 AM William Luong Sunday, 4/29/07, 10:23 AM William Luong > wrote: Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 10:16:32 -0700 (PDT) Dear All, There will be a WLAA reunion in our famous city Los Angel USA on August 11 and 12, 2007.Our beloved teachers, dear alumni over all the world are invited to join these two day big events. Please help spread this news to our friends who don't have access to Internet.Since the reunion theme is FRIENDSHIP and FUN. We hope everyone will be able to join.Thank you our friends in Southern California for their willingness to host the big reunion.Sincerely,William

From: SanJose, USA Email:
Phillip Jong Monday, 2/26/07, 11:00 AM Dear All WLAA teachers & members, Every time when we have a gathering in this magnitute, it brings back a lot of fond reminicence. We have a very good New Year celebration this year in John Yuen's restaurant (Feb 24th 2007). Thanks for John and Lily's hospitality in hosting this successful party and special thanks to those involved in getting this party so enjoyable to every participants. On the WLAA name list, I see quite a few living in the Bay Area but did not showed up for the party, for whatever reason that kept them away from this party ? It is no body's business but I can not stress enough that they really missed the good time to meet and celelbrate with all the good old friends. New year is upon us, What is every body's plan to make this year a Golden Boar's year ? Let's pray and wish each other to have a very healthy, fortunate and prosperous year. Until we meet again in the next gathering, I like to extend my sincere wish to you all. "睫ㄆ昇狥Θ﹁碞." Phillip Jong

From: San Jose. California Web Site: People Helping People Live Natural and Better Lives Email: William Luong Friday, 2/16/07, 4:29 PM Dear WL Alumni, We hope that YEAR OF THE BOAR brings you happiness, good health, luck and wealth. William & Lynn

From: USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Jane Kinnick Friday, 2/16/07, 2:17 PM 2007 Reunion's Place(s) and dates as suggested by William is OK with me, but I don't think I can be there for the whole week. Please submit your suggestions. Henry, do you mind to organize the event again? :) Thanks.

From: AR Email: Jane Kinnick Friday, 2/16/07, 2:12 PM Happy New Year! Year of the Boar. Wishing you best of health, happiness and prosperity. Jane

From: AR Email: William Luong Thursday, 2/1/07, 9:04 AM I suggest our 2007 reunion to be July 1 to July 7, San Jose or LA is OK to me.

From: CAlifornia Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Tom Chau Tuesday, 1/2/07, 10:03 PM Dear Phllip.& WL. alumni. & teachers Happy new year to all. hot news in 2007 the 1st Alumni party will be held in Melbourne Australia with special guests. Mr. Sam ( teacher ) & Ms Luong ( teacher ) Michi & Gina ( 28th grades ) from L.A & La Huu Tan--mad dog ( 22th grades ) from Germany have confirmed to join anyone is intereted please RSVP before 05-02-2007 to me ( Tom Chau 28th grade ) on tel. (61395622860) cell phone (61418100381) OR ( Jane Ha 22th grade ) on tel. (6198871598) cell phone (61431633229) venue : Hong Kong seafood Hut. 2 Liddiard st. Hawthorn vic. 3122 time : 6.30pm monday 12-02-2007 cost ; $60 AUD per head BYO wine ( beer & soft drink provide ) best wishes Tom Chau

From: Australia Email:
William Luong Friday, 12/22/06, 3:13 PM Dear Alumni, Wishing you and your family good health, a very special Merry Christmas, a prosperous new year 2007. Sincerely, Lynn & William

From: USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Julie Wong Wednesday, 11/29/06, 10:44 AM tml Dear friends, I have just updated our alumni address info, per above webpage. If you need us to modify/rectify your info,please do notify us,thanks! Best,Julie Wong_22nd Grad

From: Taipei-Taiwan Email:
Bich Linh NGO - 24th Wednesday, 11/8/06, 3:40 PM A hello from Sydney ! Would like to contact all my old and new classmates & schoolmates via email. Please advise the 2007 reunion plan. Thanks & regards to all.

From: Sydney Australia Email:
Julie Wong_22nd Grad Tuesday, 10/3/06, 7:24 AM Dear friends, How are you?? Hope everything goes fine with you! I have just posted those pictures to website - per above link... If any info to be re- adjusted, please do let me know, thanks! Best, Julie Wong 3/Oct/2006

From: Taipei-Taiwan Email:
Ho Mieu Jing, Helen Wu Tuesday, 7/18/06, 1:51 AM Hi!, My nick name is Mieu and Mimi. My school name is Ha Mieu Trinh. In Chinese Ho Mieu Jing. I was graduated in William Lin School in 1975. I think we are the last graduation class. I'm looking for old classmates. Trinh Hue Phuong who live in SUM GUI before and Trinh Le Mui who live in 5th or 6th floor of a condo in an alley near the bank in Dong Khank Street and very close to Lai Sing Theatere. I have got some news that TRinh Hue Phuong is living in Utah and Trinh Le Mui is living in HK. If any one have their news, please contact me.

From: Vancouver, Canada Email:
Julie Wong Saturday, 5/27/06, 5:57 AM Dearest Mr. Singh, With all our congratulation to you,been awarded MAN OF THE YEAR 2006 by American Biographical Institute,USA.This is not just a good news,it is a magnificent news.We are so delighted to know that you are the "Man of the Year 2006" and to share this wonderful news to all WLAA members. Congratulation again, Yours most respectfully, WLAA Alumni

From: Taipei, Taiwan. Email:
Tuesday, 5/23/06, 9:49 PM Friday, 5/12/06, 10:13 PM Phil Lien Sunday, 4/23/06, 7:14 PM

From: Sydney. Australia Email:
Jane Kinnick Monday, 4/3/06, 5:53 PM Happy Spring!

From: Alma, AR Email: Milanda Ha Saturday, 3/25/06, 9:23 AM

From: Rochester, NY Web Site: Milanda Ha Email: Hoang Gia Dat Thursday, 2/2/06, 8:56 PM I would like to keep contact with all my classmates, especially those I used to hang out with, played music? I was graduated in 1974 ( Grad 28th ) my phone contact at work is: (02)6125 4642

From: Canberra Australia Email:
william luong Thursday, 12/22/05, 3:28 PM Dear All, We would like to wish you Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year of 2006. Sincerely, Lynn & William

From: USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
henry ngo Sunday, 10/23/05, 7:37 PM hi all a DVD of 2005 Las Vegas Gathering is ready. let me know if you're interested to get one copy of it. henry

From: san jose CA Email:
van ky cao Monday, 9/5/05, 7:57 PM

From: san jose, california, usa Email:
Khang Thoai Ngo Saturday, 9/3/05, 3:04 PM Hi, I graduated in 1972, my school ID#2349 and my name was Wu Swee Phat. I would like to contact with all the classmates: 2303, 2311, 2317, 2324, 2326, and 2241, please send to my email or call me home 415-221 5560 work 415-206 5133.

To The Minh Monday, 7/25/05, 11:55 AM I am from class 28th, I am looking for Choi Hing Long, also known as " LONG", I think he is still in VietNam, if any body know anything about him, please write to me, thanks.

From: Las Vegas Nevada USA Email:
Mr Singh Saturday, 7/23/05, 2:57 PM Dear William I dont need a wheel chair as my only need is at the airport and we have booked wheel chair on every airport we land or fly. Remember that you have also booked for San Jose and Lv airport. If there is a need for any one and there is no trouble of bringing it, moist welcome. Thanks Mr. Singh

From: UK Web Site: AOL Email: Mr. Singh Saturday, 7/23/05, 2:55 PM Dear William, I have gone through your check list and very impressed with the topics catered for. Just to add to the list may I suggest something. We must have 4 or 6 volunteers either from the committee or independent who are responsible for attending any emergency or source of information for the people attending the reunion. This should be split equally between men and women. If possible with an arm band for easy recognition or identification. This information should be available at the registration point in the hotel so that they could contact them in case of any query. A very humble request to let the hotel where you have reserved a room for me and Mrs. Singh to cater for my needs. I need a chair in the bathroom to have a shower. This will be for my safety while I am having shower. If there are other needs of any nature for anyone let these volunteers take care of that. Mrs. Singh is eagerly awaiting to join our reunion

From: UK Web Site: AOL Email: Phillip Jong Thursday, 7/21/05, 11:30 PM I really enjoyed the beautiful voice of Anh Phan's Karaoke during the past several mini reunions and I am sure that we have more great Karaoke singers in this reunion who would like to have the chance to demonstrate their talents to entertain the WLAA classmates/schoolmates and teachers etc... I, myself, once dreamed to lip sing like Lionel Richie but due to my raucous voice, I have to back out from this outrageous attempt in any group meeting or reunion. Therefore, I remained as the "great shower room singer" in my own family. In this coming L.V reunion dinner, we are not like to go to any wedding banquet that we are so much used to. Dress nicely, get there, pay our "Due"(Li xi ), talk to some totally strangers sitting in the same table, eat and enjoy the live music or entertainment (if they have it) then say good bye to the bride/ groom after dinner and call it a night. In this historical WLAA event, we have so much things to do, so much teachers to greet, so much schoolmates/classmates to meet, so much things to talk about among and within different classes. I wish that I can meet,hug,shake hands and take an individual photo with every body. Is this possible ? I think not. This will be the same situation for every body, because we have very limited of time, if we use this precious time to Karaoke then we will have not enough time to accomplish some other important things like Sai Hung suggested. No doubt about that we all will have fun in this reunion, but how much we will achieve the true meaning of this reunion if we are going to Karaoke the night away ? So, this is my suggestion ( But I borrow the idea from a WLAA member who can not attend this reunion) : We should pay the extra service charges to the restaurant to prolong the gathering. After the dinner, we should have the restaurant staff clear the area so that we can take a group photo then sit down in the chair and form a big circle facing each other and take turn and once again to introduce who they are (including their significant half) the brief story about their accomplishment or whatever they would like to share with every body. May be this sounds too monotonous to some people, but at least we will remember "who's who" and don't forget that I will be the camcorder man, if you have no action then I will have some slack and ended up not doing my job and the DVD will eventually becomes not so value-able. This reunion is for every body to enjoy and have fun, how are we going to utilize the time and achieve the ultimate success is solely depend upon the co-operation of every body. The choice is your and this is only my two cents. Toast in advance... and until then...have a nice week-end Phillip Jong

From: San Jose.California Email:
Friday, 6/24/05, 9:23 AM william luong Thursday, 6/23/05, 9:01 AM Dear All, Getting the name list for the reunion is just the beginning, our next step to implement it. So, we are now moving from Phase I to Phase II which I call the implementation plan phase. We have a lot of things to do and your participation is very important because you are the one who makes this reunion happen. We need volunteers to help: (1) wake up call. (2) assist Mr Singh and Ms Ha when they arrives Las Vegas. (3) buy food to eat on the long trip to LV (10 hours of driving for the San Jose group) (4) bring songs (old Chinese songs that everyone is familiar with) to sing on the way to LV (5) photographers and cam-recorders (6) prepare name list per table at the dinner 8/6 (7) two MC (1 female, 1 male) (8) music entertainment at the dinner 8/6 (9) task force to assist Mr Hua (10) receptionists at the dinner party (11) sight seeing tour guide in LV (12) security guards (13) speed controllers (our safety is number 1 priority, make sure the driver does not over speed) (14) drivers (15) schedulers (16) singers Please sign up the above volunteer jobs. Regards, William

From: california Web Site: Yahoo Email:
william luong Thursday, 6/23/05, 8:29 AM Dear All, In August the weather is extremely warm in Las Vegas, but you are willing to sign up to join the special 2005 reunion, your effort is greatly appreciated. The success of this reunion will depend on everyone of us. Please send us your opinion to make this one more interesting and memorable. I believe in TEAM WORK. Special thanks to our WL teachers Mr Singh and Ms Ha who are going to come and those WL alumni who work quietly behind the scene to help make this reunion happen. Wihtout your help and support this is not going to happen. William

From: California Web Site: yahoo Email:
Phillip Jong Wednesday, 6/22/05, 11:04 PM Dear Y'all, It is great to know that our beloved Mr.& Mrs Singh and Ms.Milanda Ha & her husband will join our 2005 reunion in Las Vegas. It is not an easy task to organize such a mega reunion.It's successful out come wil strictly depends on every participant's cooperation and coordination.So,let's hope that we all will have consideration in helping each other's need and follow the on time schedule when we are there in Las Vegas and make this reunion fun and memorable for every alumni. Special thanks to Henry Ngo in San Jose,Nick Ngoc Do in Los Angeles and So Ken in Las Vegas.Their efforts in organizing this reunion are greatly appreciated by all WLAA alumni. Although the dead line to sign up for this reunion was already passed,but I know that there are still a lot of other alumni out there would like to join this unprecedented reunion in the last minutes. In order not to let any body miss this chance and feel leave behind,therefore,I suggest that if any body still like to join the reunion,the only one way is to book their own hotel room and arrange their own transportation to go to Las Vegas on August the 6th 2005.Although the seat for dinner at Chang's Hong Kong restaurant is not guarantee,but at least they will have the chance to meet their beloved teachers and classmates/schoolmates etc...and may be steal the scene to take a group picture. ( The mother of all bargain in this reunion.So don't miss it and you should look your best like to attend the Grammy award ) Please do not say that I am nut and have such a crazy idea,but I just have the consideration for those who like to join the reunion in the last minute. Also,I found out that some of the alumnis are not in the email list and may be they don't know that we have such a strenuous activity. The following are those not in the email list but I just added in: * Khang Thoai Ngo. 1972 Grad.(may be he is Sieu Ma's neighbor) Home phone (415)221-5560 Work (415)206-5706. * Linda Luong 1972

* Sandra Pang 1969 Grad,ID # 586
* Yet Jan Liew 1962 6th Grad ( living in L.A )
Best regards, Phillip Jong

From: The heart of Silicon Valley Email:
Monday, 6/20/05, 4:09 PM Yet Jan Liew Monday, 6/20/05, 4:07 PM I graduated at the 6th Graduation in 1962.

From: Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A. Email: Mr Singh Friday, 6/17/05, 2:27 PM Dear and the dearest one, It gives mme pleasure to say that my Doctor has said okay for the travel to the reunion. He has given me a good lecture about the body clock and how to manage the medications. After long journeys I should have good rest before I travel again. I will be soon booking the flights. I am planning to travel to New york first where I will have 3-4 days rest and then fly to San Jose arriving possibly on 1st or 2nd August and have good rest at Rosanna's house. I have hinted her and soon I will talk to her. I need both of yours advice to travel from SJ to LV. I prefer to be in LV during midday and then have some rest for the evening dinner. From SJ my next journey will be to San Antonio (TX) on 10th of August as on this day my friend is free to pick me up from the airport. I need of you both to help me to decide. If I have someone's company to fly to LV I will prefer to be booked for that journey. Mrs. Singh is also travelling with me. I also need booking the hotel so that I will be with you all. Though I can walk but I cant stand in the queue for more than 10 minutes and therefore booking a wheel chair will be helpful. I will pay for the flights and if I know which flight I will try to book from here. Please advice With many thanks Mr Singh

From: UK Web Site: AOL Email: Milanda Ha Sunday, 6/12/05, 8:34 PM Dear William, Thank you for your cordial invitation. My husband and I just retired from our business. When is the reunion date? whate procedures required to join? Fly or drive to LA from San Jose with all the alumni? Please provide me with detailed information. Look forward to hearing from you. With warmest regards. Milanda Ha

From: Rochester Email: PHOO MAN PHU Sunday, 6/12/05, 7:14 PM my name is Phoo man phu , class of 28th graduated in 1974 . Would like to contact with all my classmates. my phone no. is 3018696150 & email address is thanks

From: MARYLAND ( u.s.a) Email: william luong Saturday, 6/11/05, 8:18 AM Dear All, Here is Mr Singh's response to our invitation our our 2005 reunion. ---
wrote: Dear William this is in response to your mail to all the William Lin Teachers. i feel privileged to consider and doing my best to plan this trip to Las Vegas. Next Wed. I will see my doctor to ask his advice for this long trip. I am not yet sure about my route to travel but I will think of San Jose instead of LA to fly to and then after having rest to join you to Las Vegas. I will write you next week and ask your advice as well. The work you are involved in the team to make this reunion a success is great. With love and best wishes. Mr Singh

From: San Jose California Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Wei Chung Lam Saturday, 6/11/05, 1:01 AM

From: Australia Email:
william luong Friday, 6/10/05, 2:42 PM Dear William Lin Teachers, I am sure you have read this the email subject "To ring the bell" that Michi sent to some of us. It is a amazing that after so many years, she still remembered this event. You, our beloved teachers, are always respected no matter when and where we are. I sincerely hope that you can join us at this 2005 reunion so that we can review our home work assignments, English literature, English Grammar and composition, History, Geography, Geometry, ALgebra, etc... In fact, you mean a lot to us. Please come and join us if you can. William

From: California USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Jane Kinnick Friday, 6/10/05, 12:41 PM Look forward seeing all of you in August 2005. Take care.

From: Alma, AR Email: Julie Wong Thursday, 6/9/05, 10:20 PM This is Julie Wong (22nd Grad) - I quoted our alumni Ming Duong's part of Email message dd.21/May/05, for MR.HUA's Vietnam address: 24/2 Duong Kim Bien,P2,Q5,TPHCM. Mr. HUA is our school administrative secretary. This is for mutual record purpose. Thanks from Julie Wong

From: Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Email:
BRIAN PHAN Sunday, 5/15/05, 3:18 PM

From: EL MONTE - CALIFORNIA Web Site: TPBRIAN Email: TPBRIAN@SBCGLOBAL.NET Henry Ngo Saturday, 4/23/05, 9:04 PM Hi all, First of all, I would like to thank So Ken and the rest of our shoolmate who help us to set up this reunion. Time : 7:00pm Date : 08/06/2005 Saturday. Place:Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine Address: 4670 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 Phone: (702) 362-3663
/py/ Pyt=Typ&tuid=14700223&ck=4037217762&tab=&tcat=890382 7&cl=xml Cost : $30.00 each. which will includes drink (s ?) and some other unexpected expenses.(if any) Menu: Attach file. If you are interested to join this event,please send a $30 check payable to me for deposit before June 10th.So that I will make the reservation.your deposit is non-refundable. henry ngo 3013 Bluewater Ct. San Jose, CA 95148 For the class of 28th graduation pls contact Cao ky Linh. and 24th contact Karen hong. hi Bay Area folks. the hotel will cost you $60 for two nights(4 people in one room.) price of room Sat. is $100+tax and Sun is $85 transportation: If we have 40 people in the Bay Area to join and willing to take the tour bus,then it will cost $70/person round trip.If not then we will rent 2 to 3 full size vans and we need to know who will volunteer as the driver henry

From: San Jose, USA Email:
Tsong Huynh Friday, 3/18/05, 9:42 AM Glad to view the mother school website. I've recently kept intouch with a 28th course former classmate.This is his ID#3060; Phu Man Phu, Australia.Home phone # 3018696150; Cellphone # 2404471643.A 4a/b pm class student in the year of 1974.

From: VN Email:
Tsong Huynh Friday, 3/18/05, 9:22 AM Glad to view the mother school website

From: VN Email: tsong3037 henry ngo Tuesday, 3/8/05, 5:38 PM hi To Minh Since you live in las vegas. on aug/06 (saturday) we need a restuarant to gathering. Can you help us to fine out one?

From: San Jose Email:
To The Minh Monday, 3/7/05, 11:20 AM looking for classmate who is graduated 1974 afternoon class

From: Las Vegas, Nevada Email:
To, The Minh Monday, 3/7/05, 10:41 AM I am looking for some of my old class mate, Lam wai chung, & To Duc Vinh, thank you.

From: Las Vegas Nevada USA Email:
To, The Minh Monday, 3/7/05, 10:38 AM

From: Las Vegas Nevada USA Email:
Anh Ly Monday, 3/7/05, 7:16 AM

From: Santa Ana, CA 92704 Email:
Wu Sui On Saturday, 3/5/05, 6:43 AM I graduated from WL in 1969-1970, the 21 st. I was recommended to this web-site by Karen Luk in Florida.

From: Cholon Vietnam Web Site:
Email: Thursday, 3/3/05, 11:11 PM Linh Cao Thursday, 3/3/05, 9:35 PM Henry, reunion at Las Vegas 08/05/2005. I think most of 28th grad classmates will attend. Linh Cao

From: San Jose, CA Email: Sunday, 2/20/05, 11:38 PM Wilson Sunday, 2/20/05, 11:36 PM very happy to see those photos, memoties will last for years

From: Sydney Raymond Cheng Thursday, 2/17/05, 7:26 AM For 2005 reunion, I will go with the majority, for me, venue for reunion in USA or AUSTRALIA is OK for me. Best wishes and good luck to all. Raymond Cheng Feb. 17, 2005

From: Hong Kong Email:
ann t. wong Wednesday, 2/16/05, 11:25 AM

From: 221 n. hillview drive, milpitas, ca 95035 Email: Jane Kinnick, 829 Tuesday, 2/15/05, 11:24 AM William, just read your email, thanks for sharing the expressions from others. Yes, I would love to join the reunion. My thought is if we hold the reunion in CA, there maybe more participants, since so many of you already there. If we opt for someplace else, some of the CA schoolmates may not want to mobilize nor have the valuable time to spare. I understood some of them have to tend to the elderly kin folks. See you soon.

From: Alma, AR Email: khang thoai ngo Wednesday, 1/26/05, 7:50 PM Hi, all my dear classmate. I graduate in 1972 my school ID was #2349 and my name is wu swee phat. I would like to contact with all the classmates : 2303 2311 2317 2324 2326 and 2241. Please send to my email or call me, Home 415-2215560 work 415-2065706

From: san francisco Email: william luong Wednesday, 1/26/05, 10:37 AM Hi All, Let's welcome Ken Ngo AKA Khang Ngo who graduated in 1972. Ken called me last night looking for his 1972 classmates. This is his email address: Home phone: 415-221-5560 Work phone: 415-206-5706 If you are class of 1972, please contact hime. William

From: San Jose, California Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Ken Tu Sunday, 12/12/04, 9:32 PM 18th Alumnus from Saigon, VN.

From: SF bay area, USA Email:
Jane Kinnick Saturday, 3/20/04, 10:42 AM Look forward chatting with you all. Thanks for organizing. Happy Spring!!

From: Alma, AR Email: Henry Ngo Sunday, 3/14/04, 10:29 PM hi all how about gethering in the chatroom every 3rd saturday of the month. US 6:00 to 8:00pm pst Australia 2:00 to 4:00 pm nsw. hong kong & taiwan 11:00am to 1:00pm hope to chat to you somthing, henry

From: San Jose, USA Email:
william luong Saturday, 1/10/04, 11:17 PM Hi Everyone, Our 2003 reunion is a great success. More than 30 people joined the reunion party on Friday 1/10. We had delicious food and live music to dance until 1:00AM. Many classmates were from Australia, Texas, Florida, South and North California. We 'll like to thank Henry Ngo to organize this reunion. William

From: usa Web Site: yahoo Email:
Linda Luong Sunday, 7/6/03, 2:11 AM I was a student graduated in 1972. I have been live in New Zealand for 20 years, now I have move to Melbourne for 3 years.

From: Viet Nam Email:
Linda Luong Sunday, 7/6/03, 2:01 AM

From: Australia Email:
Tuesday, 6/24/03, 6:50 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:13 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:13 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:00 PM nancy hong Tuesday, 6/24/03, 2:59 PM I was William Lin student, graduated yr72, class number 2611. I am now living at Bay Area, San Jose.

From: VietNam Email: sandra pang Sunday, 2/9/03, 10:31 PM Hi, My name is Tsang Nei peng, graduate of spring 1969. I am so happy to see some of my teacher's pictures; Mr Singh, Mr Liang & Mr Tran. Would like to see if I will be able to have contact with some of my Classmates. I think my number was 586. Would love to hear from you all. I am very impressed with the Web site and the effort that you have to keep William Lin school going. Sandra Pang (

From: califfornia Email: Connie Chau (Chou Sieu Heng) Monday, 1/27/03, 9:52 PM Hi, all the WL Schoolmates: My school name was Chou sieu Heng, moniter of the 21st Grad. I graduated in 1970. My school ID was #D427. I was so excited to learn about this web site from my cousin Raymond Cheng, the 22ns Grad. So I would like to join and look forward to seeing the old classmates and schoolmates in one of the reunion. Connie Chau January 27, 2003 Monterey Park, California.

From: Monterey Park, California Email:
william luong Saturday, 1/10/04, 11:17 PM Hi Everyone, Our 2003 reunion is a great success. More than 30 people joined the reunion party on Friday 1/10. We had delicious food and live music to dance until 1:00AM. Many classmates were from Australia, Texas, Florida, South and North California. We 'll like to thank Henry Ngo to organize this reunion. William

From: usa Web Site: yahoo Email:
Linda Luong Sunday, 7/6/03, 2:11 AM I was a student graduated in 1972. I have been live in New Zealand for 20 years, now I have move to Melbourne for 3 years.

From: Viet Nam Email:
Linda Luong Sunday, 7/6/03, 2:01 AM

From: Australia Email:
Tuesday, 6/24/03, 6:50 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:13 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:13 PM Tuesday, 6/24/03, 3:00 PM nancy hong Tuesday, 6/24/03, 2:59 PM I was William Lin student, graduated yr72, class number 2611. I am now living at Bay Area, San Jose.

From: VietNam Email:
sandra pang Sunday, 2/9/03, 10:31 PM Hi, My name is Tsang Nei peng, graduate of spring 1969. I am so happy to see some of my teacher's pictures; Mr Singh, Mr Liang & Mr Tran. Would like to see if I will be able to have contact with some of my Classmates. I think my number was 586. Would love to hear from you all. I am very impressed with the Web site and the effort that you have to keep William Lin school going. Sandra Pang (

From: califfornia Email:
Connie Chau (Chou Sieu Heng) Monday, 1/27/03, 9:52 PM Hi, all the WL Schoolmates: My school name was Chou sieu Heng, moniter of the 21st Grad. I graduated in 1970. My school ID was #D427. I was so excited to learn about this web site from my cousin Raymond Cheng, the 22ns Grad. So I would like to join and look forward to seeing the old classmates and schoolmates in one of the reunion. Connie Chau January 27, 2003 Monterey Park, California.

From: Monterey Park, California Email:
Linh K. Cao Monday, 1/27/03, 4:55 PM Thanks Henry inform this new WL web site. Julie, you've created a wonderful web site, thanks for your hard work. Linh Cao(Grad 28)

From: San Jose, CA Web Site: none Email:
Sunday, 7/7/02, 3:15 PM william luong Wednesday, 7/3/02, 4:17 PM Schedule of our traditional 2002 reunion in China : 8/13 Leaving LA 8/14 8/16 Beijing 8/17 Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhour 8/18 Suzhour, Hanzhou 8/19 Hanzhou and back to Shanghai at around four or five o縞lock PM 8/20 Extended stay in Shanghai where ASIA & US meet 8/21 Leaving Shanghai Please pass this information to our alumni. Stay tune for more detail of our reunion in China

From: USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Wilson Ngo Monday, 5/27/02, 2:30 AM this wed site looks better and better. thanks to all who contribute to it. I am very admire of it. Wilson william luong Sunday, 12/23/01, 12:41 AM Dear Friends, Lynn & I would like to wish you a Peaceful, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2002. William & Family

From: california USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Julie Wong Monday, 12/17/01, 9:58 PM Dear all, Thanks to Philip's high praise :)) You know, we already have many potential computer software skilful co-ordinators to get involved to build/setup programs for our WL-website, in coming days..,if once our WLAA is realized... So let everyone of us eagerly participates this website- leisure land as volunteers,thanks.Best from Julie Wong

From: Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Email:
William Luong Wednesday, 11/21/01, 8:46 AM Dear Friends, Following Philip's message I would like to share with you "How to cope with loss" that I learnt. Grief is painful. The grieving process following one's death can take ones, weeks, months or years to run its course depending on the relationship between you and the deceased. When a death is unexpected, the grieving process is even longer. During the grieving process we experience one or more of these reactions: shock, denial, anger, guilt, sadness, acceptance and growth. Since we are far away from Texas, the best way is to created a "Memory website" where each of us can express personal feelings and memories about Mr Yao Minh. This "Memory website" is offered as a special gift to Mr Yao Minh's family in memory of their loved one. I hope we all quickly reach the final stage of grieving process - acceptance and growth. Acceptance never means forgetting... itmeans moving forward with special memories.

From: California USA Web Site: Yahoo Email:
Phillip Jong Tuesday, 11/20/01, 11:03 PM Dear Julie, I am really impressed and appreciated your time and effort in maintaining the WLAA website, especially the memorial website dedicated for Mr. Yao Ming. Besides having fun to go through page after page of the beautifully designed web pages...looking at those pictures of our dear friends/classmates etc... it is indeed brings back a lot of school day's fun memories. I hoped more and more classmates/schoolmates will eventually find the WLAA website interesting and submit their successful live stories and photos to enhance the contains of this wonderful website. Keep up the good work and my hat is off to you. Phillip Jong

From: The heart of Silicon Valley.California Email:
Phillip Jong Monday, 11/19/01, 11:30 AM We all grieve about the recent passing of our beloved teacher Mr.Yao Ming. The condolence that we sent to Mr.Yao's family members,whether it is as a group or as individual and I am sure that it will comfort them in this tragic event. Our hearts and prayers are out to Mr. Yao's soul as well as to Mr. Yao's surviving family members. Learning from this unimaginable tradedy,the bonds in our WLAA members should be growing stronger,and we should cherish the love that we hold so dear in life. Best regards to y'all.

From: San Jose,California Email:
Julie Wong Sunday, 11/18/01, 6:50 AM Dear All: We all feel in deepest sympathy to our teacher VuuMinh's pass-away (also known as YaoMinh)...Let us pray for him & may God help his soul to rest in peace, as Mr. Singh said... Also we surely remember his teaching while we were in our school-days... Julie

From: Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Email:
henry ngo Saturday, 11/17/01, 6:55 PM Hi All A news came from Texas: Mr Ming Vuu a teacher in William lin school was pass away on 11/10/2001 in the car accident. He was hit by car run through red light (with a suspended licence). He flied through window of his car after the impact and pass away. henry

From: san jose, ca Email:
brian luu/ luu wa ming Wednesday, 8/8/01, 8:56 PM Iam a studend at WL. I am graduated in dec/73,my student ID#2933 ,iwould like to contact with all the classmates,please send to my e-mail,thank you aug/08/01

From: mississauga,on. canada Email:
Jane Kinnick Saturday, 4/7/01, 8:52 AM Hello Everyone and welcome all the new members. It has been almost a year since we started booking our flights to the reunion ... how time flies! I hope I can meet all of you in the near future. Happy Spring, Happy Easter to everyone. Jane

From: Alma Email: JKinnick1@aol.ocm david tuong dieu lu Thursday, 3/29/01, 4:22 PM Just want to re-connect with old friends and classmates. My # was 1423.Graduated in 1972. I was the monitor of the class.

From: toronto on. canada Email: Hoang Trung Tran Tuesday, 3/20/01, 6:46 AM I am 22nd graduate student ID# D957 Now I live in North America: 9205 Bells Mill Road Potomac, Maryland , 20854 Home phone# 301-765-9035 Work# 301-652-9100 Ext.6758 ask for John Tran Yahoo Email
Hope get messages from all our Classmates

From: Viet Nam Email:
Raymond Shu-shing CHENG (D953) Saturday, 3/17/01, 4:08 AM Glad to get in touch with old friends whom we have lost contacts for almost 30 years, I am looking forward to seeing all of you at next reunion, Best regards/Raymond March 17, 2001

From: Hong Kong/ CHINA Email:
Julie Wong Friday, 3/16/01, 9:52 PM Dear Paul & everyone,Nice that our principal's family joining our WL alumni group! Hope to meet you in Nov when visit Taipei, your teaching class Tai Chi program to help people with arthritis sounds great for health,hope may learn oneday then...Thanks to Henry & William giving me hints relating to website how to adjust pages length,midi & elements settings etc, hope you all like it and to give comments, thanks. Best from Julie Wong

From: Taipei,Taiwan,ROC Email:
Paul Lam Friday, 3/16/01, 3:31 AM Thank you Julie for doing such nice works for WL Alumni. I am the fourth son of WL who grown up with my grandmother since babyhood. I always wonder what it would be like growing up with my father and his school. It is nice to see there is great spirit among you after his death. Many people told me father was a very good teacher, he certainly has a big heart! I must have my father's teaching blood in me, not contended with being a doctor for 26 years, I travel around the world to teach a special Tai Chi program to help people with arthritis. My workshop usually include USA in April and November, and this year around November I might be visitiong HK, UK and Taiwan as well. Hope to meet with some of you, and if you are interested in teaching this program - come to my workshop. Paul Lam

From: Sydney Web Site: Tai Chi Productions Email:
henry ngo Wednesday, 3/14/01, 7:53 AM hi julie this web site is getting better, good job. how about the summer trip to LA and Las Veges in July, 2001? is anyone interesting in ? henry

From: san jose Email:
Chan Hau Sween Saturday, 3/10/01, 11:58 AM WL Website looks better and better, Thanks to Julie and all the folks who has been working on that. Let's keep the communication going and keep in touch. Chan Hau Sween

From: Chicago, IL., USA Email:
Julie Wong Friday, 3/9/01, 6:43 PM Hello William, I will be ready for LasVegas trip this Summer once date is finalised & fixed!! Hope everyone will input ideas which date in July~August we will set off there then...Julie

From: Taipei,Taiwan,ROC Web Site:
william luong Friday, 3/9/01, 9:16 AM Great! Julie, Are you ready for the LAs Vagas trip this summer? William

From: USA Web Site: yahoo Email:
Julie Wong Thursday, 3/8/01, 7:47 AM Hello everyone, We serve this GuestBook as Message Board due to its marvelous function for us to view all posted messages at one view!! So, we would treat here as news updated, comments, announcement, trace/track to followup etc etc whatever you like it to be.... (thanks to Leng's good idea about this view!) Hope with all your eager SignIn what you have in mind to share with all.... Our GuestBook as contact link now falls at PK's williamlin website as one solid GuestBook....Best from Julie Wong

From: Taipei,Taiwan,ROC Web Site: