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William Lin School was an English Institution found in early 1950 by Mr. William Lin in Cholon South of Viet Nam. After the fall of South Viet Nam the school no longer exists. Mr. William Lin, his staff members and the majority of the students went to live in many countries over the world.


Why William Lin web site?

The William Lin web site serves as a bridge to connect all the teachers and students, to provide assistance to each others, to organize reunions, to share information about art, languages, cultures, musics, travel, health, technology, and to make new friendship.
The William Lin web site has helped many alumni to look for their classmates and will continue to do so.


The William Lin web site was initially built by Julie Wong, student of class of 22. We would like to thank her for being so generous to design, update and maintain the web site for so many years. This new version of WLAA website is designed by the following WLAA alumni: Philip Jong, Henry Ngo, Hong Ta, Nick Do, Mang Lai, Jane Kinnick, Leng Yamada, Julie Wong, Michelle Cheung, Sieu Ma, Raymond Cheng and William Luong.

We would like to thank Ms Malinda Ha for her great encouragement and support.

The major goals of the Association will be... to increase membership in the William Lin Association, improve the character and quality of services of the Association, strengthen the relationship with more alumni in other countries like Australia, Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, Canada, Northenrn America.

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